Travelers' Rest Chapter

of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

The Travelers' Rest Chapter Brigade

The Travelers' Rest Chapter Brigade was formed in 2001. With items from the Traveling Trunk, the Brigade presents programs throughout much of Western Montana. On the anniversary dates of the Corps of Discovery's stay at "Travellers' Rest" in 1805 & 1806, the Brigade sets up an encampment at the state park

On July 3rd, 2005 the Travelers' Rest Brigade and members of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles marched across the bridge at Travelers' Rest State Park, to commemorate Captain Clark's departure from the site in 1806.

    Current Brigade Members:
Bruce Truett - Captain Ritchie Doyle
George Knapp Scott Cameron
Chuck Sundstromt Norm Allen
Tom Leonard Ted Hoglund
Tom Lukomski Lloyd Priest
Mike Wallace Mark Kraft
Francis Weigand Vicki Correia
Harvey "Hoot" Montgomery Jacqueline Wallace
Past Brigade Members:
Frank Castanza Bob Schmidt
Jessica Wallace Jennifer Wallace