Travelers' Rest Chapter

of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation


Joining a Foundation chapter helps to personalize Lewis and Clark Expedition stories as there are opportunities to meet Expedition member descendants who share oral histories and family heirlooms. Membership of the Travelers’ Rest Chapter includes descendants from Expedition members John Ordway, William Clark & the family of Meriwether Lewis.

Joining a chapter encourages learning. You can become a volunteer at Travelers’ Rest State Park, attend our monthly Chapter meetings and listen to both local and nationally acclaimed scholars discuss their research, share trail experiences with others, or simply explore a multitude of Expedition literature that’s available.

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is more than 3,700 miles long. Chapter members are vital contributors to preserving and protecting its physical, historical, and cultural aspects for future generations.

Joining our chapter is inexpensive and your annual dues help to support education, research, development, and preservation of the Lewis and Clark experience. Several membership options are available. They are listed in the table below.

Our memberships also include a subscription to “Westward Barriers”, our Chapter’s monthly newsletter.

Corporate memberships of $50 or more receive a free listing on our website for one year-logo included (must be "camera ready").

Membership Levels
Scout (Student) 5.00
Private First Class (Individual) 10.00
Platoon (Family) 15.00
Interpreter 25.00
Sergeant 50.00
Captain 100.00
General 500.00
Jefferson (Lifetime) 1000.00